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MVP stands for minimum viable product, and it is essentially the essence of the product that you're trying to create. That is your MVP, and it's the bare-bones version of your product idea. It is not a business plan neither market research. As a company or start-up, you want to create a product as fas as possible and with it out to customers and investors quickly, so you can get feedback and then use that to improve further. This is an iterative cycle.

Minimum viable product and prototype development has never been this fast to get.

We make business critical systems. In an agile way. By the time you would expect us to deliver plans, we provide you with a functioning prototype

Today, almost all startups launch with MVP. Why?

Let's together benefit from top reasons:

      • MVP is developed faster; startups can quickly launch
      • Quick launch saves your time. You invest in marketing and sales
      • You will receive feedback directly from the real customers and enhance the product
      • MVP can help you raise funds for your startup or app idea

Ready or not, digital transformation is here to stay.

Let Nollayks guide you through it!

Nollayks can be the software partner bringing your idea to life. We have the necessary knowledge and tools to help you.

MVP & Prototype development:

Nollayks can be the software partner bringing your idea to life. We have the necessary knowledge and tools to help you.

We would like to help in many ways:

  • Contribute to your project development plan, define the time-frames, milestones, components, and competencies needed to produce your idea.

  • Build a prototype, a proof of concept in case you need to verify your idea. Get feedback from stakeholders or present it to investors.

  • Build a minimum viable product (MVP) and take it as early as possible to the market and to your early customers.

  • And what follows? We can help build a base for your future development needs. We can continue building your digital solution or prepare a sustainable platform and a development environment for your future development team.

Why Nollayks should build your MVP?

    • Access to Tech & Industry Expertise

    • On-Demand Resources

    • Cost Saving

    • Expert Level Specialists

    • Project Manager as a Single Point of Contact
    • Special Cooperation Model

Design, develop & deliver - leading the change

Tell us what you need

We listen.

Then we chat to better understand and your needs

FINLAND © 2021 nollayks oy.

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