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Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce or fully customised web-shop

Nollayks as a solution specialist knows the features and architecture of the e-commerce platforms thoroughly, as well as the general eCommerce landscape, and can effectively apply this knowledge. We can work directly for the merchant, or as freelance consultants.

We build Woocemmerce, Shopify, Magento or custom web-shops and offer:

  • Technology and market entry consulting
  • Business optimization and operational consulting
  • Web design: UX and UI
  • Webstore setup
  • Ecommerce testing
  • Digital marketing automation
  • Business performance optimization

If you want to migrate from one another or new to online retail, we unfold a eCommerce implementation project. Our goal is not only to launch your ecommerce solution but to ensure you start getting your return on investment right away.

FINLAND © 2021 nollayks oy.

From idea to product. web applications, eCommerce, android applications, IOS applications and hybrid, data engineering and Integrations, software architecture design, cloud consulting...

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