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Containers offer a logical packaging mechanism where applications can be abstracted from the environment they actually run. This decoupling allows container-based applications to be deployed easily and consistently regardless of the target environment.

Containerization provides a clean separation of concerns, as developers focus on their application logic and dependencies, while IT operations teams can focus on deployment and management without bothering with application details.

Nollayks brings its technical excellence and multinational expertise for any kind of containerization project. From re-architecting to container orchestration. Becoming a transformation partner for success.

Continuous Integration
/ Continuous Delivery

Every company and every pipeline is unique. One size does not fit all. Nollayks provides best-in-class conceptual and practical support to build up an effective and efficient pipeline.

Continuous Integration is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, usually, each person integrates at least daily – leading to multiple integrations per day. Each integration is verified by an automated build (including test) to detect integration errors as quickly as possible.

Continuous Delivery is the ability to get changes of all types—including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes, and experiments—into production, or into the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way.

Test Automation

Nollayks offers a solid test automation approach to its business partners with the help of extensive experience in the area. Nollayks aims to run test suites with the least possible false-positive rate. Leveraging trust in the automation.

As it is the heart of Continuous Delivery, test automation should be counted as the very first stage to invest in for a transformation. Providing effort efficiency and faster execution time.

Configuration & Release Management

Configuration and Release Management take
a lot of time and require extreme attention for each step. Potentially, problems arise because of error-prone human activities. Automation helps these steps to be repeatable and effective like never before.

The idea behind “Everything as Code” concept is that infrastructure, security, compliance, and operations are all described and treated like application code in a way that they follow the same software development lifecycle practices.

Cloud Migration

Nollayks helps its customers move to cloud infrastructure offering advantages, such as financial savings, technical capability, or easier scalability options.

As there are different service layers for cloud solutions (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) it can be inefficient and time-consuming trying to
choose the best option to use. This is where exactly Nollayks involves in the process but definitely not limited to. We help our customers to build greenfield applications on the cloud or migrate the existing ones into the cloud. It provides better scalability, elasticity, technical & organizational agility with lower costs.


There are basically three layers for effective monitoring; Network, Server, and Application. Each layer provides a different type of information for probable problems and bottlenecks. Not just to observe the problems, but also to take a proactive position before a problem arises.

It is even possible to support business decisions using analytics tools on the application layer. Returns are much further than investment for such an attempt.

Nollayks helps its customers to build a strong and prosperous monitoring infrastructure and tech relevant units on how to use and enhance monitoring capabilities.


DevSecOps activities are performed to incorporate security controls into DevOps processes. It aims
to solve security problems in the “fast” product/ application delivery processes that come with DevOps. It contributes to a significant reduction in total cost, thanks to the detection of security vulnerabilities with SAST and DAST at a very early stage.

Due to the old security approaches, the phase of
a successful DevOps process going live can be delayed for days or perhaps weeks. In order to prevent this situation, a comprehensive DevSecOps study along with automation and integration processes should be designed.

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